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  • 10.00 am - Registration for optional free seminar
  • 10.30 am - Seminar starts
  • 11.45 am - Registration for lunch
  • 12.30 pm - Sit down for lunch
  • 2.00 pm - Close

Wednesday 14th March

Holiday Inn, London Elstree- Elstree


Time - 10.00 am Registration and Refreshments for a 10.30 am Start

Presenter - Laura Lewis of Chameleon HR + Cheryl Luzet of Wagada

Topic - Grow your Business by Creating a Culture That People & Clients Love

Our modern business world is an environment where competition for business is fierce. Then throw the current War on Talent (which is set to worsen post-Brexit) into the mix and the heat is really on for business owners. The importance of a strong company culture is something that's often overlooked by growing businesses trying to find the key to making sure that they stand out from the competition and attract the best people and clients.

During our seminar, we'll look further at the importance of company culture and how you can use it to grow your brand and stand out from the crowd. Cheryl Luzet, will bring this to life by sharing real examples of how she's successfully done this within her business - digital marketing agency Wagada - and the benefits that she's seen as a result.

Laura Lewis - Chameleon HR
After 12 years in corporate HR, fuelled by the need for a new challenge and the desire not to let time with her young family pass her by, Laura Lewis jumped off the corporate cliff nearly 3 years ago to set up Chameleon HR.

Chameleon HR was founded as a generalist HR consultancy. However, after experiencing the eye-rolling that goes hand-in-hand with saying that you work in HR for the umpteenth time, Laura decided that a more relevant approach to HR was what was needed. So Chameleon HR,'HR That√Ęs Moved with The Times' was born under the idea that the command and control typical of traditional HR often holds businesses back from achieving their true potential.

Laura believes that the key to business success is offering a great employee experience - happy employee equals happy customer after all. And so, the focus of Chameleon HR is on coming up with bespoke, modern, innovative and collaborative solutions to attract and retain the best people for each business.

Cheryl Luzet - Wagada
Cheryl set up the digital marketing agency Wagada 6 years ago and in that time it has gone from one-man home-based business to a thriving agency with 10 permanent in-house staff and 15 freelancers. Growing the business at this speed has presented challenges around recruitment and retention of staff. Having skilled and experienced staff is key to the success of Wagada, and Cheryl invests heavily in training her team in the UK and abroad. Skilled SEO staff are much in demand - and Cheryl realised early on that this would mean that Wagada needed to offer something extra to make working there attractive on an ongoing basis. Cheryl works closely with Laura at Chameleon HR to create a strong company culture that attracts and rewards staff. Clients enjoy working with passionate and engaged staff, and the team at Wagada benefit from a positive working environment that promotes strong work/life balance.


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Chameleon HR

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Wednesday 14th March

Holiday Inn, London Elstree

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Jonathan Shelley
Shelley Capital Management

"Joining the Business Network South Herts has been a revelation to me as my previous experiences of other Networking Groups was a real turn off.The Business Network format has a working lunch feel to it that allows even the least experienced networker to shine ... and enjoy"

Brian Light