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A list of all our forthcoming events. Please click on the event for details of future Pre-lunch Seminars.

  • June: Wednesday 3rd, Online

    Time - 11.00am

    Presenter - Olivier Carion - The Sales Masters Guild

    Topic - 3 Keys to Growing Your Business Successfully in the "New Normal"

    Facing the many business challenges brought on by the global health crisis has been and remains very difficult for many of us. How are we coping? What specific steps are we taking to prepare for what's around the corner?  What does it take to grow in a shifting environment?

    During this workshop we will discuss three essential keys to help your business survive and thrive in difficult circumstances: 

    1. The right business model to help you sail across the rough seas

    2. The right mindset to drive your business through unexpected challenges

    3. The reverse engineered plan to achieve your business goals

    1. July: Wednesday 8th, Aldwickbury Park Golf Club

      Time - 11.00am

      Presenter - Dexter Moscow

      Topic - Maximising your video conferencing and Video creation


      With the restrictions placed upon our movements, video conferencing and video creation is becoming the ideal way we communicate with each other.

      However, this means we must be more effective in front of our cameras.

      Dexter will illustrate how:

      • The right tone
      • The right language
      • The right message

      Ensures our communication achieves what we need it to.

      He will also discuss how to.

      •  Move away from using the PowerPoint crutch.
      • Stop 'selling' by truly understanding the other person?s needs.
      • No longer hide but take centre stage.
      • Stop losing out to the competition.
      • Become a better storyteller (not a better liar!),
      • Master the art of visual face to face conversations.

      Join us for Dexter's interactive workshop and learn how to influence and persuade clients more effectively online.

      About the Presenter
      Dexter was chief guest trainer for QVC The Shopping Channel for 16 years, working behind the camera teaching guest presenters how to sell their products on the channel. He also presented in front of the camera selling £millions of products for major technology and retail companies.
      As there was no direct contact this was effectively selling to an 'invisible audience'.

      A passion for people and a desire for results led Dexter to work with business owners and in the corporate arena coaching them how to successfully 'sell' their products and services through storytelling.

      This led him to write Stand Up and Sell or should it now be called Sit Down and Zoom?

      The training methodologies in the book informs his unique approach to helping others to gain the most out of their communication with colleagues, teams, client?s, and customers and in this Televisual era via video conferencing and video creation.

      Dexter started his career in advertising working for a Mafia-connected advertising agency, today he is a Keynote Speaker, Influencing Skills Coach and TV Presenter.

      Roles ranging from Sales Director to Equity Partner; Head of Training to Business Owner taught Dexter many valuable lessons. Leading him to understand his client's problems enabling Dexter to help them deliver business-winning pitches, presentations and control their prospecting conversations.

      This and myriad training methodologies that have been put to the test over decades inform Dexter's unique approach to coaching helping others to gain the most when communicating with colleagues, teams, clients, and customers.

      Dexter is married with twin sons, and 4 grandchildren, and lives in Hendon.

    2. August: Wednesday 5th, Aldwickbury Park Golf Club

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      Presenter -  

      Topic -  

    3. September: Wednesday 9th, Holiday Inn

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    4. October: Wednesday 14th, Holiday Inn

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    5. November: Wednesday 11th, Holiday Inn

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    6. December: Wednesday 2nd, Aldwickbury Park Golf Club

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