Wednesday 10th February



Time - 11.00am

Presenter - Yiannis Yianni - ActionCoach

Topic - Resilience: Why it Matters, How to Get it, How to Grow it


Resilience is a quality we usually give little thought to and often misunderstand its significance to us. We tend to believe that we were born with it or have just developed it over time, but studies show that most people over-estimate their own level of resilience; and that can be dangerous.

However, we can actively develop and enhance our powers of Resilience. 'Tomorrow's Resilients' is a term that is already being used to describe those businesses that will thrive in 2021, indicating that it is a critical quality that can make the difference between merely surviving and actively thriving in the year ahead.

In this seminar we'll examine: 

  • What is Resilience and why it matters?
  • How you can become aware of your current levels of Resilience and expose areas of 'risk'
  • The 3 steps that you can use to grow and develop your powers of Resilience


Yiannis Yianni is a Business and Leadership Development Coach. During a career spanning over 35 years, Yiannis has been instrumental in turning a range of small and medium-size businesses into highly successful and profitable organisations and building high-performing teams. He works with selected small-business leaders and their teams to help them overcome their challenges and build sustainable success.

Yiannis believes that success in business doesn't have to be complicated. There are a few key proven principles and strategies that, once mastered, can help to increase the profitability of any business, improve productivity and win you back time.


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    Wednesday 10th February


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