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Wednesday 9th September

Online- Online


Time - 11:00am

Presenter - Penny Sophocleous - Corporate Alchemy

Topic - 7 Simple Steps to Sustain Well-being


We have all been affected by the corona virus crisis - even if some elements have been positive. Our mental, emotional and physical health has come under pressure and for us to be at our best we need sustainable strategies, tools and practises that will keep us feeling well, buoyant and energised.

In this session Penny will provide 7 Key Activities, comprising of practises and tools that can be used to embed a high level of well-being. Most of them are simple, easy to do and accomplished within 10 minutes. Some of them are mind-set changes that can take a minute to activate and re-energize. They can all be incorporated into our lives easily. None require expensive equipment, or passionate dedication.

Well-being is our natural state, so the session will focus on how to stop unbalanced thinking patterns and introduce activities that return us to the state of peace, happiness and joy. They can be used tactically to counter-balance stressful experiences or, by practising them together and regularly, they build long-term resilience and sustainable levels of calm and well-being.


Penny Sophocleous is the founder and Managing Director of Corporate Alchemy, a coaching and training organisation that works with business owners and leaders enhancing their business and professional development and increasing team and enterprise flow.

Her clients benefit from her extensive experience in executive coaching, business development, psychology and neuroscience.

She helps business owners become super-confident by breaking their self-imposed blocks and achieving more than they thought they could, building their personal well-being, work-life balance and connection to their deeper purpose in life.


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Penny Sophocleous

Corporate Alchemy

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Wednesday 9th September


What members and guests say

"I have recently become a member of the Business Network South Herts and would like to let you know how welcome I have felt from the first meeting I attended. Sharon has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and integrated. She is keen to know more about you and your business, as it helps her to connect you with people you are likely to develop a synergy with. This is clearly her thinking behind the way she puts the table plan together and it proves to be quite effective. The morning workshop, the lunch and the various networking opportunities throughout the meeting all work together very nicely to help you engage with like-minded business people. The members of the group are business owners and key decision makers. If you've not had a chance to visit the Business Network South Herts, why not come along to the next meeting? Like others before, you are likely to come away feeling "positive and energised"!"

Olivier Carion
Sales Masters Guild

"Having been a member of this group for over a year now, I can highly recommend it as a fantastic group for networking and business support. Sharon is especially supportive in connecting you with the right people to help your business."

Denise Gillies