Wednesday 10th March



Time - 11.00am

Presenter - Olivier Carion - The Sales Masters Guild + Dexter Moscow - Audience Dynamic

Topic - The Mental Fitness Pathway to Peak Performance



When you approach a problematic business or personal situation, what are the voices you hear in your head?

Are they unhelpful 'inner critics' sitting like a 'devilish parrot' on your shoulder chirping negativity into your ear causing you stress, anxiety and procrastination?

Are they continually limiting your business activity and focus as they constantly nag at you for not being good enough?

Telling you you're not worthy, will make a fool of yourself or fail like you have done before and sabotaging your success.

If so, let us offer you a better, more positive perspective.

To enable you to see whatever problems you face as a 'gift', an 'opportunity to learn' and a 'way to enhance' your personal and financial wellbeing.

In this interactive discussion, we will explore 3 key elements to ensure you achieve Peak Performance for your business and personal goals in 2021

  • How to turn the volume down on your debilitating self-talk.
  • How, as with physical fitness, you can strengthen your mental fitness.
  • How to change your perspective on the problems and negative situations that frustrate your growth.


Dexter Moscow

In this age of remote communication Dexter's focus is ensuring his clients present themselves in the most impactful and persuasive way on platforms such as Zoom, whether selling a product, a service or an idea.
At QVC - The Shopping Channel, as a guest presenter, he sold millions of pounds of products for major brands and as their chief trainer taught others how to do the same.
He uses those same concepts to help his clients win more business be it at a networking meeting, when pitching or in personalised videos.
'How we present ourselves must be at the highest level to beat our competition'.

Olivier Carion

As a personal business mentor, Olivier helps busy entrepreneurs grow, thrive and achieve the income and work-life balance they want and deserve from their hard work. The businesses he works with are either looking to be turned around or taken to a whole new level of performance. The support provided deals with both mindset and growth pathways, aided by expertise from many professional connections.
A former business owner himself, Olivier is a business consultant with an extensive background as a mentor in personal and professional development. His international career in more than 10 countries has been guided by his desire to help individuals and companies grow.


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